Hey I am Tess. Yo.

Title: Break Your Heart Right Back (feat. Childish Gambino)


Ariana Grande f. Childish Gambino - Break Your Heart Right Back

Title: Sex (layered)


so done

you can download it here






Someone threw a light stick on Harry and

New rule of the day is to love yourself in a way that is not too conceded but confident enough to carry you

There is something so beautiful about fisting your ass while watching Harry styles breathe tbh

Dear diary,

I have fallen in love with rice farmer meets hat enthusiast who has the dyer need to show his titties when unneeded that wears nail polish and glittery helmets with some weirded love for the Green Bay packers. I think I have lost all sense in myself and this man needs to be stopped. And by “stopped” I mean have to fuck him before I hit Menopause



I filled out a survey and it asked me what my sexuality was and I put “Zayn”

I haven’t regret it ever since

Zayn should be a sexuality option

It’s a proven fact that if you bring a rude sign to a concert, you are in fact part of the satanic council of worthless pieces of shits. Don’t worry, Harry plans on giving you all your very own personal shampoo bottles